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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2012 at 11:03:37

We need to stop the US vs THEM discussions...

You have a ‘non-urban’ Councillor trying to have a problem addressed and still it is a fight on Urban vs. Sub? (Regardless of how he posed the concern; it is a concern that affects pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.)

There are plenty of our Residents that live in the ‘rural’ area; “with ideas that were devastatingly bad for the quality of life”. The new ROP will obviate thousands of businesses ‘out here’. Most are keeping their mouths shut because if they are known as ‘legal non-conforming’ and apply (with thousands of dollars) to become ‘legal’; they will not conform and be SHUT DOWN.

BALANCE is the answer to our ever growing dismay with City Council and Staff...

“Our 'old City' is the heart...our surrounding 'rural' areas are the arteries...until the heart is pumping strong ~ the arteries will not flourish.” (my response in the Hamiltonian re: Aerotropolis)

We need to applaud all of our Councillors who do point out when there is something wrong;~because~ United we stand, divided we FAIL.

Have an awesome day everyone!!!


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