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By mrgrande (registered) | Posted November 13, 2012 at 08:37:13

In other words, Merulla believes that if we make an exception for Lynwood Charlton Centre, we will in effect be discriminating against convicted pedophiles!

Look, it wasn't the best way to say it, but he's technically correct. Under the current law, there is no distinction between care facilities for mentally ill teenage girls and corrections residences that may or may not house pedophiles.

I know this is going against the grain here, but I'm in favour of the Radial Separation Bylaw. There are three RCFs (I'm not sure if they're for corrections purposes or mental health purposes) near my house that are problematic. Police are often there, there have been assaults committed by the residents, etc. I think the bylaw needs to be amended so that things like Lynwood Charlton and hospices aren't covered by it, and maybe 300m is a bit big, but I think that, in general, it's something we should have.

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