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By ThisIsOurHamilton (registered) - website | Posted November 13, 2012 at 09:04:53

I've been actively involved in observing and commenting on the Lynwood-Charlton situation from the January 17th Planning Committee meeting, on. (As witnessed by the assortment of articles at My Stoney Creek.)

The amount of misinformation. of entrenchment in 'Us vs Them' mentalities disseminated should have been thoroughly discouraging to any caring Hamiltonian.

While I'm sure that ll the parties involved have the best of intentions (I acknowledge that this statement alone could set off a self-righteous firestorm), there have been aspects of 'questionable behaviour' on all fronts.

I've been gobsmacked at how both 'villains' and 'victims' have been created, and campaigns waged concentrating on both presumptions as well as badly-framed indignation. So, a round of shaking-head to those on Council who clearly can't appreciate the damage they do when insisting on 'the letter of the law' and not understanding the implications of such arbitrary bloody-mindedness, to Lynwood-Charlton for having taken the tack they have from the filing of the request for a variation on the Radial Separation Bylaw and bad communication about their intents (watch/listen to the Committee broadcast. All five hours' worth.), those residents who were either disinterested in sorting things out with L-C or resorting to a variation of NIMBYism, to those who have felt inclined to make a cause of 'these girls' while clearly not understanding the Continuum of Mental health (there is no 'them', there's only 'us', because virtually none of us are absolutely and perfectly 'healthy' mentally or emotionally), to those who choose to execute a variation of 'wrapping the issue in the flag', rendering all discussion almost impossible...and to mainstream media for handling the issue so badly.

However, a tip of the hat to RTH for finally deeming this to be a sufficiently important issue concerning the Quality of Life in our city to devote an appropriately-thorough article to it...some ten months after the situation really began to unfold. Well done.

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