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By dsafire (registered) - website | Posted November 13, 2012 at 11:25:38 in reply to Comment 82801

Im in agreement here. I think considering this particular situation, an exception should be made because it is essentially replacement of an existing facility.

But living a block away from not one, but two RCFs in the Stinson area that both have incidents requiring police presence on a regular basis im firm in the belief that the radial separation law needs to stay on the books.

Otherwise there is a very real danger of creating a ghetto of care facilities. Here in Stinson we practically have a facility on every street. We're saturated here because of the number of large old victorians suitable for such facilities.

In the end, whats the difference between having the mentally unstable and developmentally disabled living all on one street and having them all in a hospital facility? None really that I can see. The point of halfway houses and RCF's is to integrate residents into society. When the area becomes this heavily saturated, that benefit is lost, and the whole thing becomes pointless warehousing of people with disabilities.

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