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By arienc (registered) | Posted November 13, 2012 at 12:24:09

Also have to wonder if there isn't a bit of an exodus (for those that have kids of trick or treating age) to places where the demographics are more favourable for trick or treating. In my neck of the woods, north-east Burlington, there are literally hundreds of kids. My own two filled up their little buckets, then wanted to go out again, with my two year old totally getting into the spirit, wishing everyone and everyone around him a Happy Haaoowee. It is one of the biggest opportunities to get to know the neighbours, and in this day and age where many people rarely see kids outside at any time, its fantastic. Many people go all out to set up elaborate displays and give the neighbourhood kids a "frightening" experience - I'd say that the collective amount of time, effort and money spent decorating for Halloween in my neighbourhood is on the way to overtaking decorating for Christmas if it hasn't already.

While one would expect a denser neighbourhood to provide even more trick or treating enjoyment, there's something to be said for a critical mass of families with young children. The challenge is to motivate those areas that are more diverse demographically to make a similar investment in something that is viewed mainly as "for the children".

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