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By To detente (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2012 at 13:35:53

The problem, Detente, is that the municipality isn't in charge of allocating these services. All it does is allow (or, really, refuse) their chosen locations. Considering also that those locations are going to tend to have a clustering effect, to some degree at least, since their clients are likely to consume related services, radial separation by laws or even rationing/allocation schemes that say "so many" can go in a certain area can have the effect of making service provision unworkable. This prevents needed services from existing, making everyone worse off but some people happier because the problem is less visible. For example, if Merulla's pedophiles aren't living in a group home getting help and tools to avoid recidivism (because a facility couldn't get planning approval and was never built), they're still pedophiles. How's that a solution?

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