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By ThisIsOurHamilton (registered) - website | Posted November 13, 2012 at 21:04:21

Is there, and has there been for a long time, a plan for the City to divest itself of 52-56 Charlton? I ask this because of the supposed 'deterioration' of the property as well as the anticipated rehabilitation costs. Here's my point: the August Street location is, to me, an inappropriate location for a RCF, given all its particulars. (And I'm excluding the whole Radial Separation Bylaw issue.) Especially when compared with the Charlton Street location. So what's going on here?

Seriously. We have a property that by all rights should be perfectly appropriate to the needs of L-C were it rehabbed, we have an owner (the City) that 'appears' disinclined to actually maintain the property, presuming they'd prefer to unload it (as the appropriate City department has advised) and see new buildings put up in its place, we have a property that L-C wants to own, rather than rent, in an inarguably contentious setting (they knew about the RSB when they bought the place), and so we seem to have entirely divergent needs being displayed, with both parties digging their feet in with no compromise in sight.

So here's my followup question: What will be happening to Charlton House (52-56 Charlton) once the RSB is struck down and the OMB says that L-C can follow through with its plans at 121 Augusta? Will all those who have been so vocal about this 'Us vs Them' scenario be so vocal about why this entire situation has been so badly handled by so many hands...and is probably merely a harbinger of things to come...and demand that we have a full accounting for City-held properties? Just curious.

Finally, when will we actually begin having discussions about what we want our neighbourhoods to look like, what changes we want to see, whether it be two-way reversion, school closings, 'complete streets', development, etc. And I don't mean City-driven study groups or planning charrettes. I mean general dialogue driven by citizens concerning everything that sits in the background of the Lynwood-Charlton situation, related or no, be it the limits of 'locals' determining the world they live in, or the exigencies of the downloading of services to the existence of a 'poverty industry'?

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