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By arienc (registered) | Posted November 14, 2012 at 12:48:34

Have to take issue with the claim that 3,000 jobs are dependent on Flamboro Downs. At its peak, daily attendance at FD averaged 3,300. Unless one claims that those patrons spent sufficient proportion of their income to fund at least one full-time job for another individual, there's just no way that the supposed impact could have ever been realized. Even considering the multiplier effect on downstream businesses, it's a massive stretch.

So what happens if Flamboro goes by the wayside? Would those 3,300 (actually less) patrons choose to go elsewhere for their horse racing activity ( Mohawk for example, which would improve economies of scale to the business), or decide to spend their money elsewhere in the economy, those jobs would not be lost at all - only shift to other local entertainment or other enterprises.

I think much of the problems the industry is having is due to their previous position being able to monopolize the "gaming" industry in this province. Prior to the introduction of the slots program, horse racing was the only legal gambling avenue. The introduction of casinos changed all that, and the industry was quick to respond, to its credit. The monopoly has now been obliterated, with the introduction of sports betting, slots, e-bingo, as well as proliferation of casinos. So they can say that OLG played a big part in the industry's downfall from where it had been previously.

Given that the demographic who participate in this industry is comparatively well off to begin with, does it make sense to continue subsidizing this business at all? No disrespect to those in the industry, but the tough questions must be asked.

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