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By terrible math (anonymous) | Posted November 15, 2012 at 10:55:10

The whole concept of gambling as an economic driver is so perverse that I have to wonder what drugs all the supporters are on. Unless you build a huge debaucherous adult "pleasure" destination (like Vegas) and attract suckers from across the continent, it is simply not an economic driver. Every dollar "earned" by a local cåsino most likely already cost society $2 to produce and will cost even more after the fact. It is an economic sink hole that just moves money around, with lots of people pinching their share off the top each time it changes hands.

Oh and as a side "bonus" it makes one or two people rich while destroying the lives of hundreds or thousands of others.

If this is the average Hamiltonian's idea of "job creation" then this city is in more trouble than I thought. Please stop the ride, I'd like to throw up.

Let vegas keep the casinos.

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