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By Dane (registered) | Posted November 18, 2012 at 20:53:24

I think throwing in the horse racing just muddying the casino issue. The target is no casino. period.

Regarding McCabe's comments ... well wheres the track record of good development (good city development/good design)?

We need jobs and industry that are about building, growing or inventing not entertainment. That is where government should be creating and stimulating activity. They should not be involved in gambling-based entertainment other than to tax the hell out of it. Private sector can invest in entertainment, which should never receive tax dollars.

In the end I think its irrelevant in some ways that this is a casino project. It could have been any mega-project and I would argue there is a complete lack of skill, desire and aptitude at City Hall (staff/council) to achieve much more than getting dressed in the morning.

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