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By Mainstreet (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2012 at 14:08:00

In Toronto they are contemplating putting their LRT car house at Ashbridges Bay at a cost of four hundred and seventyfive million and climbing.Where does our car house go and at a cost of almost half a billion,has anyone considered this ignored fact? Or do we simply trundle forward with this pipe dream and plunge ourselves deeper into bankruptcy.Two way street conversions are already into millions and all that has done is create further decline in our downtown.Tearing up intersections that we have paid for and have years of service left in them does not present any sort of viable business case...Question,Why do we continue to blow good money after bad when it is Hamilton's debt level drives away any private investment? All of our downtown construction is tax dollar funded,can anyone explain the business case for this ongoing economic timebomb?..Just wondering. Thanks.

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