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By mainstreet (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2012 at 20:25:25

Arithmetic 101 deficit= shortfall in a given fiscal unit of time. in this case 1yr. accumulated deficits=debt. shortfall so far this year=110 million dollars.cost to service deficit alone-unreported. civic debt is over 1 billion dollars. cost to service civic debt(not pay it down)aprox.60million per year .infrasrtucture debt=2billion dollars rising at a (given) rate of 200 million per yr.Does anyone think we are in good shape? Yes? OK then where are all those private investers lining up? There lining up at the handout office.Lets keep giving those developers a bonus on those pesky development charges, we can always borrow to keep that urban sprawl moving.Does anyone think our city is sustainable?

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