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By Kiely (registered) | Posted November 26, 2012 at 10:46:33

I'm not saying this to start another union war

Really? Because there is not a single line in that article saying the increased cost is due to unions.

Actually there is very little breakdown of the information at all. Where did the costs increase most, what jobs, what level? Who got the money, workers or managers? Why the large increase in benefit costs? More questions than answers provided by this article.

We could fire all the workers to save $460 million sure, but if we're still going to blow a billion on Aerotropolis what is the point? Actually I’m sort of missing the point of this whole article. We spend too much on staff… okay. What does the HCL suggest we do about it? Or is that a powder keg they don’t want to touch? If not, I see very little use for the HCL, standing on the sidelines and saying “This is wrong” is simple and this city has enough participants in that pastime.

Does the HCL support the types of wars on the civil service and their unions we have seen south of the border? The open-endedness of the piece makes me wonder.

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