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By j (registered) | Posted November 28, 2012 at 13:51:46 in reply to Comment 83287

Here's your comment in full:

"Exactly. I find it very worrying that the HCL decides to focus on salaries and benefits when mega-projects like Aerotropolis & the Stadium will monopolize so much public money over the coming years.

If there is a serious effort to link HCL's ongoing work (very focused on the Aerotropolis, with inexplicable forays into fluoridation) with this new bent on fiscal restraint, then maybe the Civic League should concentrate efforts to scuttle those two very costly mega-projects and leave people's incomes and benefits alone."

in sum: let's not bother with this because the AEGD and stadium will also cost a lot of money.

This is a meaningless and disingenuous non sequitur.

The rest of your comments have been attacks on the HCL, which is equally disingenuous, for two reasons:

  1. this is a mission statement, pointing out a 35% increase in salaries and seeking to look into it. There is nothing lazy or misguided or unserious about that; they may find the reason is exactly what you say. But you are trying to pre-empt this very process on what I think is a Torquemada style refusal to allow this question to be asked.

  2. attacking the HCL for doing this as you have done now a number of times is silly. You should also attack RTH for publishing this. HCL like RTH is a collection of individuals trying to do good things for the city.

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