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By j (registered) | Posted November 29, 2012 at 13:47:50 in reply to Comment 83303

I think the number is actually 90% by provincial law, but then there are other discounts that are harder to quantify. Funnily enough I believe the residential discounts are much tighter than the industrial and McHattie recently told me they were maxing out industrial DCs. That's because commercial taxes are higher so they expect to recover those in the long run.

One interesting twist in this story is that one of the opponents of the AEGD is a group of Elfrida landowners who want their land to have preference for urban expansion - for exactly the same greedy little reasons.

Can there be a better argument that this is about sprawl than that heavy money is being spent by developers who know very well that will be the result. They wouldn't be doing it if it were staying commercial.

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