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By conservation (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2012 at 13:28:22

Here is a letter I just sent to interested parties in a reuse of a heritage building.

Looks like there could be substantial costs, financially and emotionally to pursue proper zoning so that I can run my 1820 sash plane down a piece of wood or at Sanford ave. I spent the day looking into the world of planning and zoning and to my understanding when the building became empty it automatically went to residential zoning. Although the city advertised this property and that they say that it could be used as "creative fabrication space". It appears that is not the case.
I also spoke to the owner of a industrial heritage building a few blocks from Sanford that had spent 6 years trying to run his small business. He has been in litigation much of that time with the city attempting to establish proper zoning. Seems that I would be offered help and incentives, etc in paving a corn field, but trying to occupy an old building is a different story. The zoning policies do not encourage people to occupy heritage/old buildings, in fact I beleived that it encourages and promotes demolition by neglect.
It is better if we would be offered more assurances from the city. That is that by-law people, planners, law enforcement and solicitors are not going to be in our future. Too much adversarial contact with these ligitimized agncies would result in very very bad outcomes. I wish I had never seen those buttresses and 2 1/2" floor boards.

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