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By Dane (registered) | Posted December 06, 2012 at 20:12:44

That guy that stood up and said he consulted James North businesses was lying. I do surveys every year for Supercrawl, I know the owners of the business he mentioned and they love how the street has changed. Business is totally better. Now they are more likely to attribute that to the influx of the arts community over two way streets but regardless they are doing well. I almost jumped outta my seat when I heard him make that statement. Because to anyone else it sounded like he had done some research

I am not sure what the point of the evening was. The presentations were subpar. I mean a general call for participation in these community stakeholder groups would have sufficed. I think some would argue that that was probably wasting time. Sometimes I believe that McHattie needs be waaaaayyy more aggressive. He shouldn't have let this be sent back for consultation. It's not as if his peers are held to the same account on their issues and motions. He should have put to a vote. Just keep hammering motions out.

Also Ryan said James North was part of the downtown BIA. It's not there's no BIA so there really is no representitive voice down there. You kinda have to go door to door to gauge opinions

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