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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2012 at 21:19:13

What do people think the future will be? Any thoughts? It is just me but I do not think a green space will be developed, this was the red herring they threw at people at that meeting to disrupt the movement of those in ward three trying to do something positive.

There are lots of reasons why poverty exists in this city, policies made by all levels of government, continue on the path of the Milton Friedman world of economics.

I understand Mr Serefini's point of view when discussing the person who was more worried about parking, opposed to the issue that the school has been closed. It is like whne I went to a class on laobur Studies and engaging with others about food security. There are those who have good paying jobs, who are more concerned about their access to organic fruits and vegetables, opposed to the lack of food security for those who struggle in poverty.

If we the working class cannot unite, as we all are the working class, they will win and our children, grandchildren and great children and beyond will pay the ultimate price. It is hard to build consensus to get people to rally for one or two points but it is undoable.

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