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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2012 at 17:36:14

thanks for this article and the work you have done in trying to bring awareness around this issue.

This is what I think, the city is so corrupt and disfunctional, that one can clearly see that even though an agenda was produced for this meeting, it was the hidden agenda, which we do not see that clearly aced the show.

How can any elected offical come to a meeting without actually reading the report? The question I'd ask is why did you run in an election, is it only for the money, perks, etc?

If I was Mr Farr, I would of caused a ruckus, as I am a radical who speaks my mind. I would of told Bratina, you did not elect me, the people in my ward did and if you cannot come to a meeting prepared, maybe you should go back to the pasture, or wherever it is you came from.

Not nice I know but come on now, who there has any balls. I would rather see someone like Sam Lawrence who did stand up to all the bullies back in the day. He cared about the working class, which includes all of us.

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