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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted December 19, 2012 at 22:56:58 in reply to Comment 84194

I am all for shutting Delta Bingo down personally and bulldozing that entire block up to Cheapies.

Seriously, the Bingo Hall (of which I never see well adjusted people outside of), a not so good coffee shop, The Hamilton News Stand/Show World (How does such a place legitimately stay open in the age of the internet), the Salvation Army thrift store, a convenience store and a payday loan center (How many of these three kinds of businesses do we have in the core?).

All in a block that holds no special architecture, little to no heritage and looks like an awful un-uniform mishmash from the front facing and a ugly mess of decaying asphalt surface parking, unstable metal balconies, oddly placed hydro poles and dissolving brick from the back. The only redeeming feature is the Capri retro signage, which is on a separate building entirely. This is a block I'd happily see leveled to see a 10+ story Condo development with underground parking.

And now for the down voting, because I suggested tearing down a set of buildings.

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