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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted December 20, 2012 at 09:11:13

If downtown Hamilton seems like an attractive location for a new casino development, it is due to the work done by our grassroots arts community to make these neighbourhoods increasingly attractive places to live, work, and invest.

Hear hear! I think this explains a lot of the defensiveness and organization the city is seeing around the casino issue. Those like Councillor Whitehead see a downtown as a shared dumping ground for risky mega-projects, while those of us living and working downtown see it as a work in progress, representing countless hours of investment and effort by risk-takers who, years ago, saw value in our hollowed-out downtown.

Let's stick with the Downtown Secondary plan, invest in slow, sure growth, and let Mercanti and his minions build a casino up on Stone Church to ensure the "driveway-to-driveway experience"

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