Comment 84365

By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted December 22, 2012 at 23:52:51 in reply to Comment 84353

I will agree with that, the only problem though, which is also the only problem with such a redevelopment of this parcel is that they are being sat on by speculators and it is neigh impossible to acquire the full property at low enough cost.

The builds themselves however aren't wholly derelict because they do have businesses that are there. Unfortunately they are all businesses that the core has a massive surplus of, or are businesses that I would like removed from the core entirely.

and no, the only way to build this business case is NOT solely through renovation. The fact that the Vranich development of the Federal building is the perfect example of that, and the fact he has proceeded shows that even if he had performed a complete demolition, the development would have occurred. This new building, without fail will have the higher unit capacity then the old development, thus adding density.

The core issue is getting the complete parcel at a reasonable cost, which is why the parking lots reign and why the city needs to discourage them through harsher taxation.

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