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By Alhambra (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2013 at 15:16:14

super interesting about Sandyford place. From my reading it was saved because of the moratorium on skyscrapers in the Durand.

But the downfall with the idea is that if people fail to buy in to a requisite level, then the developer can say: 'see, I told you there wasn't enough interest, now let's do things my way.'

We expect our government to act in our best interests. We pay taxes and choose to live here based on this. We shouldn't have to pay directly for the things in our interest, because we've already pre-paid.

Nor should public goods me limited to moneyed interests. Every citizen of the city has an interest in its well-being.

I get why this becomes a laissez faire issue, but it's a bit stupid. We require all sorts of things from property owners. People who buy these buildings know full well the possibility of designation and that there are limits on their rights.

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