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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2013 at 15:23:50 in reply to Comment 85113


Website was a template site.
Survey did not comply with MFIPPA.
Survey was done on a template site.

But just because these are "quick" problems to fix (as you pointed out, pics can be removed, etc.). The real problem is that the incorrect info was up there to begin with.

This isn't a mom and pop shop putting up a blog on their own website and putting up a picture of their cat instead of their daughter. This is supposed to be a professional corporation who won a $400,000 tender and had 8 months to work on the launch of their website and other forms of social media. When they "launched" we should expect that their product will be professional, accurate, and well researched.

You're cutting them far too much slack in my opinion as these problems, though easily fixed, should not have occured to begin with.

In the real world, if you misspell the company name on the resume, you don't get hired. If you misspell the client name on the first page of your report, your client is intsantly going to question the quality of the remainin greport. Sure it would take a second to fix in Word and print out a new copy, but you had your chance and blew it. In some aspects of life, particularly the professional working world, perfection is not only desired, it's required.

If you can't accurately identify your client, the city of Hamilton Ontario, you deserve to be fired by your client. You had your chance, you blew it.

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