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By Nasir_Jones (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2013 at 16:31:48 in reply to Comment 85114

Your post demonstrates more intolerance. Perfection is not required here. It's a social media campaign. Perfection is required in fields like engineering and medicine, and even in those fields people make mistakes. Have you ever heard of the concept of 'human error'? In those cases, we should offer constructive support, not simply state 'you had your chance and you blew it'. Man never would've made it to the moon if the U.S. government told NASA 'You had your chance and blew it' immediately after the Apollo 1 fire. By correcting these (simple) errors at minimal cost and continuing with the project, Hamiltonians stand to gain because it results in a better product and a better campaign, with Dialogue Partners learning as they go. No soldier is born a veteran.

You're suggesting abandoning the project at excessive cost (money and time already spent, legal costs for dealing with contractual obligations) based on what exactly? To teach these guys a lesson? Pride? Xenophobia (i.e. they're from Ottawa!)? It's just a case of biting off the nose to spite the face.

Your account of the 'real world' and the 'professional working world' is anecdotal. I can tell you my experiences have been much different from yours, and in mine, the inevitability of mistakes is accepted, and they are valued for the lessons that they teach.

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