Comment 85123

By kevin (registered) | Posted January 12, 2013 at 00:58:53 in reply to Comment 85116

You make me ill.

Yes, you are the only one who thinks the reaction is too harsh. It hasn’t been harsh enough. I thought you were kidding.

What's wrong with expecting highly paid "professionals" to do a job well and professionally? Your lame-ass mindset is ruining this country: it's OK, you showed up, here's a trophy for participating, even though you didn't try all and your performance SUCKED, you're great! Don’t try harder, next time. Here’s more money. Pizza party!

I've never seen you on RTH before and you suddenly, anonymously, emerge to try and defend this abomination. Go stick your keyboard somewhere else.

You and yours are responsible for the impending Apocalypse, which will occur when your nuclear race to the bottom of the septic tank is concluded. I hope you win.

Hamilton takes MY hard money from ME. I have a right to be annoyed if they spend a lot on affrontingly frivolous, superfluous, childish, lousy, half-hearted, over-priced, ridiculous NONSENSE. This is money we could have given to Bob Young or Peggy Chapman. If my wife spent $400 000 on mindless, pathetic, cheap, sleazy, easy, sophomoric, cheerleading NONSENSE, I would divorce her, immediately.

When did Canada become so useless and lame and lazy? When, exactly, did the bottom feeders take over? When will it end?

Don’t bother responding, Nasir-Jones, you can tell me in Hell.

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