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By Jay "School Marm" Robb (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2013 at 10:07:19 in reply to Comment 85113

Nasir's got it right and I agree.

As do many of the folks I talked to this week who don't spend any time on social media. They saw this as a combination of opportunistic grandstanding and lack of city oversight.

Still not sure if there was a comms strategy to support the review and rollout of the engagement process. Corporate communications at the city seems understaffed.

Yes, Change by Us will be a great addition to the city. Based on what I've read about the initiative in NYC, it doesn't replace what this city-led engagement set out to do.

Change by Us in NYC has folks putting forward ideas, joining teams and carrying out grassroots community-building projects that make a difference (we're a city that could use less talking and more doing).

The city's looking to engage citizens as part of a plan to tackle Hamilton's $2 billion infrastructure deficit. Some tough choices may need to be made on programs and there's likely to be retrenchment to delivering core services only.

We have a short window to pull together a gameplan. With an election year in 2014, it's unlikely many councillors will give the greenlight to unpopular program and service cuts. And the infrastructure deficit will continue to grow.

Attacking Nasir (and doing it anonymously of course) runs counter to Dave's excellent 6 rules, especially the one about treating everyone with respect. If you buy in to those lessons, you don't call someone a troll because you don't agree with their viewpoint. And you have the courage to put your name to your comments.


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