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By Dane (registered) | Posted January 15, 2013 at 08:42:19

I could really care less whether its a local firm or not. Blind Hamilton boosterism does local business no favours. Do we expect other cities to not entertain RFPs from our local businesses. My experience is that "locals" tend to rely on geography rather than expertise and quality. What I want to hear is us snagging a local firm that so busy doing projects across the country and not acting as an extended City division.

In regards to the decision. No one working for the City is going to suffer any reprimand, its municipal gov't. No one would even be able to track the committtless communication bog that led to these fools getting hired. With the firm in questions, well they messed up very big. Since there is no denying that anyone in the right mind would let these guys go, it is unfortunate that this sets the bar for expectations that our City management expects. Now, every firm or business knows that they got a free pass. At least once (likely more).

All in all though, from a community response perspective, I wish this level of passion and outrage was invested in higher priority items. For example, Areotropolis hearing and Casino initiatives.

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