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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted January 17, 2013 at 16:19:30

We are the Hamilton Heritage Advocacy Group

We will not compromise on even the smallest part of any building older then 45 years (Not Jackson Square though, you can demo it). Even if the original facing and architecture of the buildings has been replaced, even if it has become structurally unsound, even if the rear of the building is boarded up and is a mass of decaying brick and rusted fire escapes, even if it means a new development that promotes the kind of density we believe is needed for the urban core, even if it means said new develoment will get rid of a mass of surface parking in it's large footprint that would make said development more economically viable, even if for the last century it has been neigh unrentable and has had a revolving door of tennants, even if similar and better examples of similar architecture and facades exsist down the road (See Victoria Hall), even if the large office tower directly next door has stood for some time and compliments the arcitectural style of the new development, even if the developer actively makes a compromise to preserve other parts of said development out of his own pocket, even if said compromise is reasonable and is regarding buildings the developer owns and have never held a heritage designation and perpetual covenant with the government regarding it's preservation, we will not compromise!

We are the Tea P...I mean the Hamilton Heritage Advocacy Group! No brick can ever be removed, ever...even when if it likely will do good. Developers must build on parking lots they don't own, or build on the outskirts of our city and encourage sprawl if they want to build something new.

Now, I'll admit there may be some unfair satire there, as I know there are resonable heritage advocates out there, but really this seems like more then a reasonable compromise from the developer and frankly he's gone far further then I would have.

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