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By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted January 18, 2013 at 10:42:29 in reply to Comment 85290

This is getting off topic, so I will say my piece and that will be it for me on this..

Firstly, stating a "couple of buildings" can be seen a trivializing this topic so I will give you that. I have walked downtown and I have seen a lot of damage done to its character. I have always supported adaptive reuse and keeping our old building wherever possible.

However, as somebody with a sister who has suffered domestic abuse I saw a glimpse of what she went through and I do not want to imagine the rest.

As much as I love this city I grew up in I cannot bring myself to compare any tangible brick and mortar in this town to what she (or anybody else) went through.

Not to sound to much like a PC thug but we can ALL (including myself) choose our words more carefully at times. It felt James used a poor metaphor and I still do.

I admire the passion people here have for the city but we need to choose our comparisons more wisely. There are people who have problems sor great that the preservation of buildings are the last thing on their minds.

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