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By Dane (registered) | Posted January 18, 2013 at 18:33:04

When has a developer ultimately lost? This is a bad concept that rewards absentee unimaginative property owners. For example, the Lister Block should have been taken out of the hands of those who were flagrantly and systematically destroying a historic site. What ended up happening, they changed their tune (its falling down/apart) to we love heritage. Why? Because we gave them tens of millions of dollars. Lets not go down that road again.

Blanchard should be considered a failed businessman. He bought the buildings did nothing but undermine their integrity by apparently (I would argue Premi exaggerates or blatantly lies)not doing any renovation or maintenance. Now they sit, arguably, financially unviable so he wants to tear them down. This makes no sense. Preservation outweighs personal profit here.

Otherwise Blanchard should, put the buildings up for sale. He bought buildings not just the lots. Let the "market" decide whether these need to be torn down. The city is much different now and there are new interests and perspectives in town. Its time the Blanchards, Premi's wake up to this. These ridiculous ideas need to be dismissed and real quality projects supported.

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