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By AmenHotep (anonymous) | Posted January 23, 2013 at 05:04:23

Wouldn't it be awful if all this were true? 

As one Trustee put it, " I'm getting a little tired of these handshake deals."
The process wasn't just neglected it was sabotaged!  
Ample opportunity to make it right and no one has stepped up. Not the city, school board nor the Ministry of education.

We come from a code red neighborhood so no one cares to hear our cry!

We won't just sit back and watch while people play politics with our heritage be it Sanford or in the gore , shaking hands and selling the public out at every turn. 

Covering for one another as you've done so many times before.#Shame on everyone of you who continue with your lies and deceit. 

What are you hiding, what are you not telling your people?

 'Just drop it.'

 What is that all about? 

We have given you the opportunity to rectify it and you so arrogantly continue on your course. 

This will be your undoing. This will be your watergate.
This time you are selling out the children. The poorest children in the entire city. 

I hope you are ill with regret and guilt. You deserve it after putting this community in such a state. 

Hundreds of hours by a team of people uncovering the multifaceted layers of bulls$@t that is your governing, stacked neatly in a pile of data you assumed we would not look through or perhaps you simply underestimate the strength of the resolve and the intelligence in this city.

 Or was it just because of our geographic location and #proximity which is more than evident that it is easily sacrificed for a few quick bucks.

We approached you time after time in good faith often with no response at all. We approached you again and you refused to engage unless forced to by immense pressures.

You create your own scandals, very handily I might add. 

For those of you who are along for the ride, it is time to get off and stand up for the people of your city and for our process. 

After all it was designed to protect us from this very thing.

Come forward now and show us that your role was not as a willing participant.

This is not acceptable in a Democratic government.

Know this, if you knock these buildings down before the process is reviewed it will be the biggest shame of your career!  Stealing from the poorest children in the entire city. 

Claiming Sanford contaminated by airborne asbestos and lead and more. We know the walls are not rusting, as you said they were Mr Engineer at Wever school meeting.

Again, shame on you. Disgusting and Vile.

And you think we believe you have our interests in mind for a casino?
Will you vote YES to a casino, stick it in our core and then say, we wanted it in Flamborough but we didn't realize they can put it anywhere. You play stupid with our money.

Spending our money on a stadium that actually gives us less than what we otherwise had. No one can trust you. Not one of you. You cannot say you didn't know, you can say only that you did not care enough to know.  It's all in writing every piece.

Your RFP's, contracts and handshake deals with 'trusted' friends are sad to say the least.

We can't even have a snow crew that removes snow in this city. 

Our road staff have become a mirror of yourselves.

Heritage committee that hasn't designated 1 building and Transparency committee with no public agenda and hasn't accomplished anything around a lobby registry since starting in 2007.

Your zoning and planning punish good people who believe in the dream and the possibility of being part of the solution. A dream that you sell and then rip out of our hands. 

Take them to court and flog them publicly so that everyone will see that we are not open for business!
Make exception for the rich and difficulties for the poor.

Your passion for parking is disgusting and holds us back as a community. 

Restaurants to stand and eat in...what are we pigs at a trough?
Who stands to eat a meal?

Your toxic waste sites that you allow to move from corner to corner and forgive time and time again.  

Handing money and grants to people who deserve less than the time of day!

Look the other way as your residents continue to struggle for breathe covered in toxic dust. Let it be accepted they are only the poor.

Making two way roads to accommodate one rather than all. Oh so convenient ward 3 roads just missed out on conversion not in on EA.

What a wonderful job you have all done this term! Big pats on your backs. Cheers all around. 
Fighting over your chair and your station in life.

 How Far up the political ladder will you go?

Think on this and realize that you cannot fool your people. We are uprising because you cause us to.
It is time. 
We the people and children of Hamilton demand better and we demand truth and transparency!
 We have told you this and you would not listen.

What if the boilers actually are working inside of Sanford Avenue School?

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