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By The guy your trolling (anonymous) | Posted January 23, 2013 at 23:14:30 in reply to Comment 85458

Nice! So the hamilton board of Ed went to the trouble of removing the asbestos from your school in Dundas but not from Stanford School in the lower city. You have my friend, just proved my point about the Hamilton Board of Education having a chronic disregard for the health and safety of children in the lower city.
This was a federally funded project back in the day (1984 is the day right?). So they did the Dundas schools? but not the lower city schools? This was 'some else's money'. Since your so all knowing perhaps you have a good explaination as to why lower city schools were left as toxic waste dumps and your school in Dundas was improved?

Or are you now going to tell me that asbestos is only dangerous to children of parents that might complain.

The ultimate irony will be when it turns out 'your' school is the one in Dundas being converted to condos.


In your own words you've proven that schools in better neighborhoods were maintained. And this is something that's been going on for almost 30 years.

Im really beginning to believe that the board of Ed is one of lower cities worst enemies.

As for your friends in the (all mighty) teachers union... perhaps it's time to think about the bigger good if you see asbestos COMPLAIN this is health and safety issue, not only for you but for your STUDENTS. But i guess just like extra curriculars this is now an issue for parents .

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