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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted January 26, 2013 at 06:46:12

I hope the person is ok and recovering. As someone who lost a family member to a traffic accident many, many years ago, that memory is still with me today.

So maybe we have to look at our society, where the car is number one, at all costs. Maybe this is what needs to change. Given the destruction of the tar sands and other oil related disasters, that we are hurting mother earth, just so we can get somewhere fast.

I know, not an easy subject to talk about but one I feel we should be engaged in.

Not ot lon ago, I watched an older gentleman trying to cross Main Street right where the ram[ is going into the Fortino's. I thought for sure he was going to hit, he made it across but it was nail biting to watch. I, myself would enver attempt to cross at that point, just too many cars. But even if you use the crosswalks, you must always be vigiliant, in watching the traffic.

I have noticed that many cars will block the crosswalk in an effort to turn right, yet as pedestrians we are suppose to have the right away and be able to cross with the light.

Keep pounding away at this issue, as it is the general masses that you need to reach and convince.

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