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By Joanna (anonymous) | Posted February 07, 2013 at 22:25:37

It's terribly sad. I reviewed the Dec 4th planning meeting 2012
Where councillor Far speaks of these buildings some but not all of them will be coming down. That discussion occurred in planning but again the Permit was then applied for before the Heritage committee could get it on the registry. Given that Hamilton's contribution to heritage designation has totaled 0 for the last 3 years and the way the Mayor currently speaks of Heritage causing issues for developers it wont suprise me to see many more developers or the city knocking over buildings like this and Sanford as an easy way to get'er done.
I personally am disgusted by the lack of care for process and the lack of dignity the city provides these buildings and the people who cherish them. Give us a break already and have a little respect for these fine pieces of history.
I submitted for an FOI on The demolition for Sanford school. I received the applications but none of the required attachments. I'm about 8 emails and 2 phone calls in to this discussion and have now been redirected back to the start of the chain. No one is offering up these documents. The demo permit itself on Sanford was erroneous in that it was to demolish a 2 story building which would under the building code allow them to demolish without the presence of an on site engineer.
They altered to the permit to reflect my concerns etc., rather than revoking it and beginning over which was at the discretion of the Chief building officer.
I wish you well but I do suggest you spend 15$ and get the permit as well as filing an FOI on the application and related documents.
Studio 33 is my favorite Gore building.

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