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By Kiely (registered) | Posted February 08, 2013 at 09:17:41

Well said Lauren although I do believe using Casinos to fund a Province is a bad idea, however I do stop short of calling them evil. Some of the carpet patterns used in Casinos though are surely the work of the devil.

I know it is not always easy but we just need to be patient. The grassroots, local, small business, artist/creative driven change is happening in Hamilton. The fact Mercanti now wants to muscle in on what is being established downtown is proof of that, but to let him will be a detriment to the city. A casino is not something the Hamiltonians who are leading the positive change in this city are or can be proud of. It is a bitter cynical old-boys ploy to reap the rewards they feel they are entitled to when things start looking up. But these are the same "civic leaders" that have lobbied successfully for decades and what we got was sprawl and money diverted from our urban centre to fund new developments to maximize their profits. They've spent decades deriding and neglecting downtown. Now that others have worked to slowly rebuild the core the same-old entitled cadre of insiders and sycophants want to come get their piece of the pie.

I hope the people of Hamilton tell PJ it isn’t his pie anymore and buying himself a mayor isn't going to change that fact.

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