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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted February 08, 2013 at 10:22:01

One of the more interesting things to strike me in this whole debate is the seeming sea change in the mind set of the Carmen's/Mercanti group in their attitude towards downtown. Flash back to the stadium fiasco and you'll recall that Mercanti along with that idiot Scott Mitchell of the Tiger Cats tried the end run around council to coerce a "stadium precinct" on the east mountain. They bought in to the farcical argument by the money losing retail business that is the Tiger Cats that there was just no money to be made downtown, people wouldn't go there, and that to prosper, the suburbs needed to be the focal point.

Oh how the worm has turned! Now suddenly downtown is where it's at, it's going to be a destination!, Ummmm I call bullshit.

This is simply an opportunistic business entity trying to secure a bigger piece of the pie for themselves.

I'm not opposed to a casino just to be contrary. I don't think the issues of lower socio economically entrenched people becoming preyed upon will be any greater than what already takes place in the bingo halls and variety stores selling scratch and wins are now.

What grinds my gears is the snake oil like way in which this is being sold as a panacea for all that ails this city. It simply isn't. Anyone who does any research knows that. It will not be a catalyst for any growth in the core.

I do not want this city to be complicit in the destruction of the horse racing industry in this province, the destruction of at least 50,000 jobs, the euthanization of thousands of horses because the OLG is looking to fleece more Ontarians of more of their cash.

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