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By Bringthecasino (anonymous) | Posted February 08, 2013 at 12:27:43

Niagara does have sweet boutiques and quaint local restaurants, anyone who checks would know sections are becoming gentrified. No, not necessarily on Clifton Hill, but Clifton Hill is not "downtown" Niagara, its a tourist freak show of a street and everyone loves it that way.
There is already a thrice daily free bus to Flamborough Downs outside Limeridge Mall and along Main West, so if someone "poor" wants to go, they can.
I moved to Hamilton 3 years ago myself and honestly, I love Hamilton for all the same reasons, but I SUPPORT a downtown casino. In fact, there should stick in that gawd awful convention centre and give the convention centre a street facing entrance rather than keep what it has (that hidden ugly covered driveway of an entrance).
I find it interesting that no mention is made of the Bingo parlour across from Gore Park.
Anyhow, I support it and anyone that opposes it doesn't want Hamilton to ever "Shine".

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