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By joejoe (anonymous) | Posted February 13, 2013 at 17:26:11

"A certain percentage of it is money that is already being spent in other local entertainment destinations, like restaurants, that will be spent in the casino instead."

The sad part about this whole proposal is that we are basically looking for ways to redistribute money from Ontarions, money that we would be spending anyways. There is no 'new' revenue here.

Even if we were to look at this proosal as an opportunity to divert money from other cities that would be a false premise because casinos will be going up all over Ontario and again, as most of the money goes to the province anyway this whole scheme is mostly pointless. In the end it comes down to: Do I spend my $60 on a meal out, or save it, or do I grab an hours worth of Black Jack?

If I buy pizza the restaurant makes money and the province and feds collect some taxes. If I drop it all on the slots, the pizza guy loses out and the government squeezes more money out of it's already income depleted citizenry. From a macro economic perspective all we're doing is nickle and diming, routing more money to government at the expense of local business owners and household savings. There is no new revenue and 'net good' to come out of this.

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