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By lakeside (registered) | Posted February 17, 2013 at 01:12:26

I think what impresses me most about this building is one small but possibly important detail. I like the way the windows resemble those on the remaining part of the Federal Building, especially the west face and and the flanks of the remaining south face. The windows are square in aspect, rather than rectangular, and form an array of regularly spaced openings.

It also looks as if the stone banding that sets the upper floor of the old structure apart from the rest may have inspired the change in colour of the precast cladding we see on the upper floors of the new building.

Though they may have only grudgingly preserved (or so it seemed at the time) the parts of the Federal Building that now remain, it seems the architect has transferred some of these details to the new structure, thus helping to blend the old with the new. I like this.

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