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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2013 at 07:42:17

To you point about two more years of uncertainty, I would hope both sides of the casino debate continue to build a better Hamilton.

I hope downtown businesses thrive and people living there continue to develop a strong sense of community so that if the time comes, they can convince council that the downtown is now doing well enough that it doesn't need a casino.

I hope that the companies taking over HECFI are immensely successful and fill the hotels being built by vrancor, that people buy the condos under construction, that the connaught revival is successful, and that Wilson Blanchard proposes something that makes us all pleased. But most importantly I hope the Mercantis build the hotel/restaurants they have promissed as part of their HECFI bid - these two years is their opportunity to show they are committed to the downtown - casino or no casino - which would go a long way to changing some people's perceptions of the family. Also, assuming their hotel and restaurants are to be part of a future casino complex, it will give people an idea of where it will be located.

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