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By A dog (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2013 at 22:22:23

Just one thing to add. A big part of this problem is that there is a sense of entitlement when it comes to having a dog and I think that needs to be looked at. Dogs are living creatures and a large responsability to care for.

So given there are so many in the city it stands to reason to provide more stable safe areas for for dogs to exercise. Both undersocializing and pent up enrgy contribute to much of the negative encounters with dogs.

In addition because there is a lot to know to properly care for a dog, I think a lisence should entaila course or some form of dog care training before one is allowed to have a dog.

Finally, and I think it was touched on before,fear and apprehension of dogs in genreal also not only help lead to unfortunate reactions but when an adult is unsure or nervous, children pick up on this and tend to develop the same fears. So it is important for parents to perhaps have some kind of positive engagement with friendly dogs to help themselves and also their children as dog encounters are a part of city life and aproperly measured reaction can help keep everyone calmer.

I realise this is more difficult with children who have special needs but dogs are wonderful animals and positive interaction can go a long way.

This all being said, the sense of entitlement of this owner or their complete lack of awareness of the behaviours of their dogs (who even if good natured can get overly rambunctious when left completely free without direction) they should not have had it beyond their control especially as they never know who they may encounter and this city is for all of us.

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