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By Kiely (registered) | Posted March 08, 2013 at 14:50:01

Get your crap together Supercrawl organizers you can't be given an exception every time. Cities should not just hand out money through council votes with no explanation or expectation of where that money is going. Seriously, put aside all bias and love for the event and think about what they are asking for. I want to hire a bunch of bands to play my street can I have $125,000? What if I can convince Bernie to support me?

Supercrawl is great but I have to agree with what Lloyd Ferguson said to Jason Farr:

"You are being reckless here, just plain reckless here, to run out and throw $125,000 out without statements, without understanding their structure, without meeting the timeline, without providing their vision like everybody else has to do."

The Pearl Co. doesn't need to apply for building permits. Supercrawl organizers don't feel they need to apply for funding the way everyone else does. Bicycles shouldn't have traffic laws enforced against them.

See a pattern here? I do.

If this was say the Hamilton Airshow seeking funding in this way would RTH support that?

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