Comment 87159

By Kiely (registered) | Posted March 08, 2013 at 17:33:38 in reply to Comment 87145

The point you seem determined to miss in the cases you are attempting to conflate here is that the evidence tells us we're enforcing the wrong things, based on our stated objectives.

We shouldn't enforce building permits? We shouldn't enforce budget request rules? We shouldn't enforce traffic laws for bikes?

Bullshit Ryan.

You don't like the rules work to get them changed. The break the rules and seek forgiveness thing gets zero sympathy from me. That is a conscious choice people make and they accept the risks in doing so. Your defense of rule breaking for sympathetic causes risks further marginalizing the so called "urban progressives" by making them seem entitled. The added touch of arrogance this cadre of urbanists seem to be able to sprinkle on top of things doesn’t help either.

To be fair, I may be drifting into devil’s advocate territory a bit here Ryan but shit man your message sucks sometimes. It does nothing but pander to the converted and is not effective at changing the opinions of those opposed to what you seek to accomplish. You can do better.

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