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By onymo (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2013 at 18:14:46 in reply to Comment 87188

Number of Visitors for Activity (or Event) of Type Festivals/Fairs

Ontarians: 394 overnight visitors
*Non-GHA Ontarians: 86 overnight visitors
Rest of Canada: 20 overnight visitors
USA: 40 overnight visitors
Overseas: 5 overnight visitors
- - - - - - - - - - - -
151 overnight visitors

*IMHO, if GHA "visitors" are factored in, it muddies the results significantly, since the economic influence of GHA residents was pre-existant.

Appendix, Page 5: "The Economic Impact of Visits in Hamilton and other Ontario regions: since no Ontario region is economically self-sustaining, in order to produce the goods and services demanded by its visitors, it will need to import some goods and services from other regions. As such, some of the economic benefits of the visitors' spending in Hamilton will spill over to other Ontario regions, such as the one you have selected as "additional". If the second column of Table 1 contains only zeros, then that means that Hamilton does not trade with that region."

By the calculations in Table 1, Supercrawl 2012 gave rise to $6,110,977 in economic impact in the GHA and $3,853,994 in the rest of Ontario.

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