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By Shea (anonymous) | Posted March 11, 2013 at 21:45:05

The question for me is not whether Joey C. should receive some $$contributions, but why he should have to go begging, so to speak. It's my impression that public interest orgnztns in the U.S. do a (better?) job than Canada--if there is any such effort at all here. When legitimacy and need are demonstrated, why shouldn't Joey, Citizens At City Hall, and Raise the Hammer, receive funding to offset real expenses in providing what has been exhaustive, important, widely recognized and--yes--high quality citizen journalism? CATCH, e.g., has been doing this for just over nine years now.

If there is a dedicated fund in Canada to fund citizen journalism, I'm not aware of it; and yes, yes, a curated fund would be full of requests from all political angles, but the U.S. seems to do better at this kind of thing. A non-profit orgnztn, but non-gov't, with community/citizen benefit criteria and a board or curator to decide on funding recipients could work. The Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, and other similar orgnztns across Canada have been doing good, important work for decades--even with gov't support, maintaining quasi-arm's-length relations with gov'ts. Undoubtedly private media orgnztns could be pitched to contribute, their current dire$$ circumstances notwithstanding. //

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