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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted March 16, 2013 at 01:05:54

While these programs have been cut, I am lost in your effort to show where the roundtable and people like Laura Cattari are making a real effort to fight for these benefits?

As an activist on poverty issues, I was dismayed by the Roundtqble's effort last December on the CSUMB issue. It brought together mostly not for profits people, which is not the same as those who live in poverty.

These not for profits are building the message for the new vision, where unless you have a fire or flood, maybe bedbugs, you will not get get any help for housing start up. God help if you are wonamn fleeing a domestic dispute issue, with your kids, because yo will noty get any money for new housing. and the not for profitss, who rely on funding from the government will be the catalysts, that impose this draconian version on the people.

I think this writer misses many points of reality, I assume that youth plays a role in all this. Along with the attack on the poor, we are all witnessing the attack on unionized workers and small business people, as the same enemies of the those as the poor.

I am sorry there but this writer has missed the point on many levels and putting those who are the yes people into the fore front, opposed to the actual voices of those who struugle, a bit misleading.

I would suggest that this studfernt needs to pay attention to the intrusion of the corporate world into the campus, that they study at and how they are all taught about poverty, which is not tyhe reality of those who do struggle, not that students do not struggle, however, many of them will slit thier throats for the grade, yet stab everyone, they are supposedly advocating for.

One must always be aware of the real messaging of those that thye promote, meaning does Ms Cattari really advocate for those who struggle or does she have her own agenda as a disabled person, which given all the is coming dopwn, she seems not to care that she is actually adbocating for the increased struggle of those who ar disabled, as long as one gets sirtime and recognition.

It is along road from q job that pays around $ 80, 000 a year to beihg on disability.

An injury to one, is an injury to all.

Yo get what you pay for, what in reality as a student, you are paying big bucks for what exactly?

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