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By greg_tedesco (registered) | Posted March 16, 2013 at 02:01:41 in reply to Comment 87265

scrap - Thanks for reading, and appreciate the constructive aspects of your feedback. As a student group, working to engage the broader community around us, we believe that provincial funding for discretionary benefits should never have been cut and that there needs to generally be more awareness about this issue - and how it impacts individuals. I never said that I speak in place of anyone, nor would I, who accesses these supports - nor can I alone adequately explain the impact of their loss from personal experience, that was never my intention. That's an experience I don't have.

One thing I can do is speak as someone who cares about health, equity and inclusion in my community; values which I believe will be negatively impacted if these supports are lost. These are values I will personally continue to hold and I hope that we can continue to build community partnerships and engage in discussion with one another to create positive change, respectful of one another and the many different experiences and perspectives that are represented.

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