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By slodrive (registered) | Posted March 20, 2013 at 21:23:29

Great post, Jason. I'm struggling to understand why the people who have been annoyingly married to statistical analysis (see Stadium debate) now back-pedal when presented with some pretty basic numbers.

Glad to see folks from the masses presenting solid cases for this. Especially those who live in the area and see first hand how these changes (or lack thereof) affect daily life.

As a suburbanite living in the amalgamated city, I like to provide my 2 cents about what I think will make the city better. But it bugs the hell out of me when suburban council members and citizens seem to provide much of the resistance to initiatives like this.

The only people I know that support the downtown freeways are some of my out-of-town/ fellow-'burbanites who want to get to places like Ivor Wynne at 80km/h or, simply blow through to get back home. That's fine..but, no decisions should be based on that.

(And actually, many out of towners I know find driving in Hamilton mighty intimidating. If you aren't used to it, cutting across 4+ lanes of quickly moving traffic to try and get to your side street is a pretty stressful situation.)

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