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By jason (registered) | Posted March 21, 2013 at 03:19:50

Great piece.

Kind of a small image, but this is what you are proposing:

I'm familiar with the lane widths of Cannon and at the very minimum we have a total of 40 feet to work with. It may be closer to 42-44, but for arguments sake, let's use 40 to be safe.

With the above image as a template, we could transform Cannon with an 8-foot 24-7 parking lane on the north curb, a 10-foot westbound travel lane, a 10-foot eastbound travel lane, a 3 foot buffer with bollards, curbs and planters and a 9-foot, 2-way bikeway. The lanes would be 4.5 feet each direction.

As I wrote about in the previous Cannon St piece, despite the blandness of Cannon, we actually have ample sidewalk space to add planters with native grasses, flowers and street trees along it's entire length.

Like this:

Suddenly Cannon becomes a safe, vibrant street suitable for all modes of transportation.

I like your idea to have some turning lanes at busy intersections by eliminating the curb parking near corners. However, I don't see any reason to remove curbside parking during rush hour. The simplest solution to balance the traffic through this area is to finish the conversion of Wilson Street all the way to Sherman. Wilson should simply have 1-lane each way, with curb parking on both sides. If necessary we could remove the curb parking during rush hour only.

Let's do it!

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